THE SCOTT C SHOP is now LIVE! A place where you can find all Scott C sorts of stuff.  A place where you can have the ULTIMATE SCOTT C SHOPPING SPREE whenever you want!  I am so excited for you guys!  You are going to have a blast!

Were you really wanting that Giving Out Zaps print from last year?  We got it!  Were you wondering where the heck you could get that big Great Showdowns print or the Cosmos print??  They are here.  Or perhaps the Slayer print slipped through your fingers.  I’ll bet you didn’t even know about this Ghost Tote to put all your stuff in. Oh, man, so many things for you!

I will be putting new prints and merchandise into this store as much as i can.  Just when things come up, i will put them in here.  I will also put special AP prints from past sold out runs up on here at random times.  I will announce when i will do that though, probably on twitter.  Don’t worry.

So this is it!  i hope you enjoy it!

I’ve also redesigned if you want to see.

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Mom has given me her cold, woke up at 4 am because my throat hurt like heck, so I’ve spent the whole day in the sofa trying to doodle. Rented The Other Woman and now my sis and my mom are watching Gravity Falls.

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